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Reiki (Ray-key) is a Japanese healing technique which has been practiced since the 19th century. Reiki focuses on relieving stress with relaxing methods to promote mental and physical healing. It gets its name from two Japanese words – Rei which means “spirit, soul” – and Ki which means “vital energy, nature, “. Reiki is often defined as ‘universal life energy’.

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Healing therapy

Reiki is suitable for all ages, and is open to any belief. Reiki can support as an individual therapy, alongside conventional treatments or complement remedies which often contradict other healing methods.

Therapy at a time that suits you! 

Sessions will bring an immediate sense of relaxation. You can receive a reiki session at a time that suits you, when you need it most to combat tension, stress, or pain. Reiki can help you release stored emotions, re-balancing and amplifying the body’s energy. These sessions can be independent or in groups with family members, even with friends.

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“A little bit of Reiki goes a long way”

~ Garry Malone, Author of: The Essence of Reiki